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*  it has certainly been quite awhile since we posted an update.   a few things:
ok ikumi is still going strong and releasing his own and music from other artists on his record label
based out of utah called
hel audio. look for a link to their bandcamp page and check it out!  
bbr founder faith is on a new venture in radio closer to home.
you can hear her playing "50 years of rock, blues, and more" on sacramento's
every sunday night at midnight until 6:00 a.m. monday morning - starting tonight.
the station has been around since 1968 until 1992 and the dj's played whatever they wanted -
it was a true freeform radio station. and now, they're back.
please check us out and support the best kind of radio: commercial free and listener supported.


*  our friends
808 state have a brand new album out called "blueprint."  it includes their song "metaluna" from
hear you soon compilation on blue bell records.  metaluna was exclusive to us and unavailable
anywhere else for three years after hys's release, and now it is out there once again! 
the blueprint album includes remastered songs from 808 state and several new tracks, including metaluna. 
check it out on
808 state's website.  there is also a free download of "cubik" (21st anniversary remix)
on their home page for a limited time.

*  hello!  although there hasn't been a new release on blue bell records recently, you can still hear some new music via blue bell record's founder faith .  she has a radio show called "sleepwalking through public places" that broadcasts every third sunday on georgetown, california's kfok 95.1 fm community radio.  visit the show's website (above) for more info. 
hear you soon!

* we have some new record label news to report.  OK ikumi has started his own label: 
hel!  please visit the website.
we look forward to listening to some new music off of the hel label.  here's an excerpt about their first release:
the first hel release will be a split EP of detroit-inspired techno by dr. siak & schädelverletzung. it will be available (hopefully before) fall 2011 in cassette and digital formats. this first release will be followed eventually by releases from lil bobo,
wooden arrows, maw, ben best, and others.
we're currently listening (and dancing) to a mix from hel artist tern on hel's website.  sounds good to us! 
we wish you the best of luck, ok ikumi and friends! 

OK ikumi is about to release a brand new album titled, "IV/XI." 
please visit his
web page for details and a sneak peak!

blue ribbon is playing live this friday in providence. 
go see our guys rock the house down @
the 201 in rhode island.  more info here!

OK ikumi is going on tour with forest world in may/june 2010.  check here for details! 

*  hello friends.  it snowed in parts of sacramento near blue bell records headquarters this morning, hurray!  in getting ready for the upcoming holiday, here's a link to ok ikumi's remix of sweden's sally shapiro's "anorak christmas" on youtube.

*  we are really excited about this!  "lift up your eyes," the blissful song from ok ikumi's spirits debut on blue bell records will be included in the upcoming european snowboarding documentary, "from romania with love"  from rene eckert/blickinsfreie - in association with RIPZONE EUROPE.  check out an article from method magazine, and then watch the teaser.  it's quite awesome and beautifully executed.  the film will be released in october/november 2009, so stay tuned.

ok ikumi will be performing in utah, colorado, and wyoming in the next couple of weeks, so check him out if you're around!

*  happy 2009! 
we have some great news for those who didn't get a chance to buy a copy of our first release, the
hear you soon : part one" cd compilation with great artists from around the world like figurine, 808 state, aarktica, sybarite, hollAnd, marumari, lullatone, blue ribbon, and more.
we have a restock!  order up!!!

*  hi and happy december!  an online music/subculture/film/art magazine in BRLIN, GOON MAGAZINE, recently asked us to submit a song to their advent season online calendar to enrich the "24 days before christmas," where they provide a download per day from twenty-four indie labels' artists from all around the world.  look for a full download of OK IKUMI's song "look back" in the next few days.  other labels contributing include aesthetics, audio dregs, touch, asthmatic kitty, bip-hop, neurot, thrill jockey, paw tracks, and even song from zach hill!  check out goon magazine in german or english.

*  hello and happy thanksgiving!  our favorite guys, BLUE RIBBON, are back and having their first show in a long time this weekend!  check 'em out ... we hear they've got major new songs for you to hear
the penalty box in providence, rhode island - this saturday night, 11.29.08, at 9 pm!

*  this sunday night in sacamento, barbara morgenstern (monika enterprise) from berlin is playing at the javalounge!  this is her only show in california for this tour!  also playing is hearts+horses (clairecords/park avenue music), dj mupetblast (from synthetic), and dj f.stop (faith from blue bell records!).  come on out and have some fun - beer & wine available.  view the flyer.

*  first.japan.tour.ever. 
ok ikumi will be playing some shows in tokyo, harujuku, sendai, and more later  this month in beautiful japan!  please check the bbr myspace page for details as they progress, so exciting! 
thanks to goochline music in japan for organizing everything!

*  hello there!  some news for you:  the fun and talented OK IKUMI will be leaving utah for a mini
northwest tour in a few days.  check out
this site for details and see if he'll be coming to play in your town and make sure to check him and his tourmate, j.p. haynie, out! 

*  howdy and happy april!  we have two things to report. 
the first: 
ok ikumi has made a video for the instrumental song "salty apple," and it is quite "explosive." 
you can view the whole thing
the second:  our friend graham massey (of 808 state from the bbr compilation in 2004) is currently on a u.s. tour as "
massonix" with the uk's autechre and dj rob hall.  check them out if you can, we'll be at the sf show this weekend.ound on graham's myspace page right here.

*  props to uc berkeley college radio station KALX 90.7 FM for playing some ok ikumi.  we better also give props to KDVS 90.3 FM, where "spirits" was listed as #19 on their top 100 albums for the fall of 2007.  not to mention some cute photos of karl jorgensen playing live @ the delta of venus in november
in their
2008 winter program guide

please also check out ok ikumi's website to
sign up for a paper newsletter, listen to music, and buy some rad silkscreened canvas patches, 1" buttons, and his "shining path" tour cd.  oh!  and there is a rumor that ok ikumi will be playing shows in new york city, columbus, and toronto in mid-march.


*  hot off the press:  a brand new
review  of "spirits" by ok ikumi has been posted for your reading pleasure.  this time, it's from our favorite french webzine, autres directions.  once again, we love france!

*  it's a new year folks - yay!  lately we've been listening to a very talented group of wise dj's over at
radio mplusm.fm monaco" in france via the web, and you should really check them out.  these folks play a wide variety of exciting music mixed with interesting dialog from movies - in english, french, spanish, german, japanese, you name it.  listeners are even encouraged to email thirty second audio files from their favorite films for play!  they are now playing music from all blue bell records releases on the air - mixed with anything from the eurythmics to mc solaar to fleetwood mac to moby.  pouvez vous: awesome? 
listen to
mplusm.fm  via itunes podcast, windows media (like us), and other ways

*  happy end of 2007 everybody - here's to an awesome upcoming 2008 filled with new music!
to our friends in
japan, you can now purchase OK IKUMI's debut cd on the web and in stores everywhere:
HMV, warszawa, tower records, p*dis and digitally from iTunes and napster.

to for our friends in our home of sacramento, california usa please go to our buddie's legendary record store with "the biggest treasure trove of vinyl in california" - RECORDS - new location at 1618 broadway.
we just restocked 'em with ALL our releases that were sold out
- even the infamous "hear you soon" comp.
all for a really good local hook-up price - you won't get our stuff for a better cost anywhere else.

* the great great folks at popmatters gave some props for the "spirits" album from ok ikumi! 
read the

here is another superb review of our newest release from ok ikumi.  this time, it's from "seattle's sparkly indie-pop press," three imaginary girls.  this is a bit from the review:  "newcomer OK ikumi takes electronic music in another direction with his new album spirits, creating electronic music on a much smaller, more personal scale.  while daft punk has the ability to transform your bedroom into a dance floor, OK ikumi is simply content leaving your bedroom as it is."  bedrooms rule.

*  check out the "reviews" page to read a brand new one for "spirits" from ron schepper at textura
in canada.  there may be some references to solvent and james tamborello .. and even susanne vega!?!?

also included on the
textura site is a free download of "relocation" from ok ikumi's new album. 
" fans of jimmy tamborello's dntel and james figurine music-making will find much to like about karl jørgensen's OK ikumi material.  a dreamy mix of synth melodies, handclaps, and vocals, the wistful opening song on his blue bell debut, spirits, is a beautiful ode to escape," says textura.  nicely put.
another great review for ok ikumi!


because we love you so much, Blue Bell Records is paying ALL shipping costs for any cd ordered directly from us until December 1st, 2007.  it doesn't matter if you're ordering from your computer in brooklyn, santa cruz, chicago, salt lake city, portland, baja, leeds, tokyo, or sidney = it's all free shipping. 
now getcha order on (for yourself, or for your friends or family) before this offer is over!

*  OK IKUMI's album "spirits" and the song "look back" are featured on the betterPropaganda
(based in san francisco, california) website right now.  other artists currently featured are kiln,
simian mobile disco, bright eyes, populous, montag, flying lotus, and a bunch more. 
click the link above, press "play" next to OK Ikumi, and an awesome playlist will start!

also, all of you awesome utah folks in salt lake city, west jordan, provo/orem, ogden, taylorsville, draper, and bountiful can pick up the new ok ikumi album at your local
graywhale cd exchange shop now. sacramento folks can pick your copy up at records on broadway, the beat on j street - and davis
folks will find the album at
armadillo music on f street.

ok ikumi has  some live
SHOWS coming up next in long beach, san diego, mexico, phoenix, tucscon, flagstaff, and las vegas.  check him out!

new release day!

*  releasing tomorrow, ok ikumi's "spirits" cd has climbed to number 2 (!) on this week's
KDVS 90.3 fm top 30 charts
.  whoopeee!


*  ok folks, winter is near and fresh updates are here.
first, the
OK IKUMI "SPIRITS" album is currently number 19 on the KDVS 90.3 fm (university of
davis california)
charts after only one week of airplay - before the official release date, even. 
second, the
sacramento bee newspaper mentioned blue bell records, the brand new ok ikumi album, and the ok ikumi & friends show @ the delta of venus in davis happening in a few days! 
and third, look for a review in december of the album online at
textura, an awesome source for music.

you can
preorder the OK IKUMI cd RIGHT NOW from TONEVENDOR, and from us direct starting friday 11.02.07 before the official release date.  you can also purchase the "spirits" album digitally on
iTunes, eMusic, napster, and more beginning 11.06.07.

*  the OK IKUMI - spirits cd will be officially released on tuesday november 6, 2007! 
you will like it, you will love it, you will sing the songs out loud and proud. 
take a listen to
a few song samples we recently uploaded.  a tour with
ruth allison (olympia, washington) is in the works for november 2007, so get in touch with ok ikumi, ruth allison, or us if you'd like to help set up a show in your west coast town - it's all about networking with new friends.
that's all for now.

*  our next release from utah's OK IKUMI is almost ready .  details to follow when we have them.
did we mention that all songs from the blue ribbon "another time" super synthed-out album are
available on all the great digital download shops like emusic, itunes, napster, and a bunch of mobile download sites?  well, they are!

*  hey, you!  we are happy to report from sacramento that the humpback whales,
delta and dawn
(hey, we didn't name them!), are on their way back to the pacific ocean, and blue bell's third album release, "
ok ikumi - spirits" will be ready for you to pick up later this year.  currently, the cd is on a quick trip to washington, d.c. for mastering by engineer/producer/artist trevor kampmann aka hollAnd.  soon after that, the record will be available worldwide via music shops, online stores, and digitally from itunes, emusic, and all the greats.  don't change that .... dial.

*  hello lovelies.  some of you have been emailing in to ask what the status is on
marumari's next album (scheduled to be released on blue bell), and the answer is:  patience will prevail.  we promise to let you know when marumari is about to begin his long overdue return to music-land.

*  hi there!  we recently changed the look of the web site to make navigation easier for you ... and for us.  we hope you like what you see and hear.  we "should" have it all finished by next week.

on a more important note:  please take a few minutes to listen to some brand new songs from the newest addition to the blue bell records family: 
ok ikumi.  this young man sent us five of his songs and a few remixes in a cute little package through the mail last year, and we were quite impressed with his music making and mixing skills.  we couldn't get his songs out of our heads,
so we contacted him and here we are!  he's just finished a fresh batch of some dynamite songs, and we are anxious to release his album this summer.  please don't change that dial ..
check back with us for updates really soon!

*  we have sold out (!) of our first release:  the "
various artists - hear you soon : part one" album.  there are some shops who still have copies in stock now, so if you want your very own, go to the bbr buy page to find yourself a copy before they're all gone.

*    hi and hello!  happy-happy holidays to all of our friends in all parts of the world.  the year 2007 has finally arrived, and we @ blue bell records are ready for a brand new year of fun + happy music!   if you liked that cutie justin timberlake bringin' sexy back, then just you wait.   your friends at blue bell are bringin' synthy back.  that's right.  on that note, please welcome the newest addition to the blue bell family,
OK IKUMI.  more updates to come ...

*  hello miami, florida u.s.a. - we are going to get the blue ribbon album to sweat records a.s.a.p. 
we love you!

*  props to mr.
james figurine on a spectacular album.  if you don't already know, a member of one of our favorite groups ever, figurine, has recently released his debut solo album.  we're talking about james figurine, and his new album, "mistake mistake mistake mistake."   james figurine (jimmy tamborello) is also a member of the postal service and dntel, and his new record is "unmistakeabley" awesome and one we cannot stop playing.  the complete album is on the plug research and monika enterprise labels, and the 12" "forgive your friends" remixes (by the field, john tejada, and david figurine) is available on monika and is also quite awesome.  get your copy at your favorite mail order or record shop and be happy -
you will be singing his songs in no time!

*  howdy!  awesome music alert:  our friends jason amm (also known as
solvent) and thomas sinclair from beautiful toronto, ontario in canada have put their musical (and vocal) talents together to create our new favorite band:  the super electro-pop duo black turtleneck.  they were very sweet to include blue bell records in the "thank you's" on the liner notes for their debut album, "musical chairs" that was released just last month on canada's normals welcome records.   you can listen to songs from the album (every single song is beautifully crafted), get a link to their myspace page, and find out where to pick up your copy here.  we love black turtleneck!  support old skool music!

*  hey hey hey!  sacramento is H-O-T and it's possible that blue bell records may be bringing you a fresh batch of new music from our friend
MARUMARI straight out of new york in the near future. 
stay tuned and stay cool.

*  oops .... they did it again!  you will find another nice review of blue ribbon's "another time" album  in europe's awesome snowboarding
METHOD MAGAZINE (issue 12, v 6.4) along with the song "radar" featured on the dvd.

method mag runs 75,000 copies, is published in stockholm, sweden, created in innsbruck, austria, distributed throughout 19 countries in europe, and is extremely robot friendly.   most of the dvd content is in english, the website is also available in english, and the printed magazine comes in
french, english, german, and italian languages.

good times, all the time, every day.

*  blue bell records in america + method magazine in europe = wicked fun.  the newest issue of europe's famed snowboarding mag,
METHOD MAGAZINE, contains a nice little review of blue ribbon's "another time" album.  but that's not all!  the DVD movie that comes with the mag features the most popular song from blue ribbon's debut album ... "eagles fly."   also featured in the film is hollAnd's "i steal and do drugs (mixed)" song from the hear you soon compilation on blue bell records.

the mag is absolutely tops, and the dvd is thrilling to watch!  we're looking very forward to working with the method family on future issues and films.  check them out and order a copy of
the newest magazine + dvd here!

*  happy-happy new year!


*  anybody up for some boarding?  a very awesome snowboarding magazine in europe will include blue ribbon's "eagles fly" song from the another time album, and hollAnd's "i steal and do drugs (mixed)" song fom the hear you soon compilation on the dvd movie that comes with their next issue.  more information to come as everything progresses!

*  happy june!  blue ribbon is playing some great east coast shows this month -
dates & details are


*  april showers bring may flowers ... and more showers in sacramento!

*  just put up a new + awesome "another time" album review from san francisco's regen magazine

*  we love france!  check out a review of the new blue ribbon album from france's
autres directions

*  why not go check out some fun photos from blue ribbon's recent u.s. tour on their web site
here?  you will also find a web exclusive download of an unreleased blue ribbon track, "candyman" from a live performance on kdvs 90.3 fm in davis, california  (from last month) on the site.  happy listening/viewing!

*  please check out the recently added artist profiles for blue ribbon, hollAnd, and marumari at
www.betterpropaganda.com (brought to you by folks from the infamous epitonic.com site).  betterPropaganda is a cool place to visit & features some of the best independent
labels & artists evah.

on the bP site, you'll find artist pages with free and legal mp3's from:  sonic youth, boom bip, interpol, the postal service, blue ribbon, mouse on mars, frausdots, solvent, lcd soundsystem, hollAnd,  kraftwerk, e*rock, marumari, ladytron, elliott smith  ... need we say more?

*  read a review of the new "BLUE RIBBON - ANOTHER TIME" album from dennis yudt in the SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW newspaper here!

*  blue bell records is now on myspace.  go here to
visit our profile and add us to your friends!

*  hello!  please look for a review of blue ribbon's album "another time" in an upcoming issue of the awesome
XLR8R magazine.  also keep an eye out for a review in next week's sacramento news & review newspaper!

*  tune in tonight at midnight to KDVS 90.3 FM for a live performance from blue ribbon!   listen online


*  the blue ribbons will be interviewed today on
KTRU 91.7 FM, rice university, texas from 5-7pm! 
listen online

*  the blue ribbon "another time" album was listed at number 5 on
WRIU 90.3 FM, university of rhode island's top weekly charts!

*  take a listen on your stereo or online to WVUM 90.5 FM, university of miami radio, today from 3-6pm to the "all request show"  -  blue ribbon will be playing live on the air with an interview to follow!
listen online here.

*  the blue ribbons are on tour right ... now.  please check out updated show listings here and don't be too shy to say hi!  the band will have copies of their new album available at shows for you, too  :)

*  new release day!

*  happy 2005!  once again, blue bell records is starting out the new year with some great news:  we are pleased and so very excited to announce that the debut album release from providence, rhode island's BLUE RIBBON will be available for order direct from blue bell on tuesday
january 11th, 2005.

*  have you grabbed yourself a copy of the newest GROOVES magazine, issue 16, yet?  you really should, because there is an awesome review of the "another time" album by cameron macdonald, whom we respect very much.  please check the "reviews" page here to read it!

*  thank you for visiting!  it's officially official:  the release date for blue ribbon's debut album, "another time" is set in stone for sometime in january 2005.

*  the band will be supporting the release with a winter u.s. tour  beginning 01.20.05 at the safari lounge in providence, rhode island (cd release show!), and making their way through your towns with their infectious sounds.  please check here for tour dates.

*  the university of hawaii's radio station,
KTUH 90.3 FM, reported the "hear you soon : part one" cd compilation at number 8 in the RPM TOP 10 category for the week of 11.01.04.  go hawaii!

*  a friend in the uk informed us that there was some recent talk on the BBC RADIO about the first release on blue bell records, in conjunction with the 808 state track, "metaluna."  great times.

*  please register to vote now before it's too late : your vote is extremely important in this election on november 2nd, 2004.  click here for john kerry's web site and voter registration info.

*  please check out the new "reviews" page of the blue bell web site here.
everything we could find and publish for you is up!  

*  brand new mp3 samples from blue ribbon's upcoming album titled  "another time"  have been added for your listening pleasure here!

*  for those in or around providence, rhode island - please go see blue ribbon and thebrotherkite play live at the safari lounge tonight!

*  hi there!  pop hooligan from japan reviewed the "hear you soon" compilation -
read the review (in japanese) here.  reviews of blonde redhead, mokira,
chicks on speed, the remote viewer, and harald sack ziegler are also available.

*  blue bell's debut cd complilation was listed at number 23 on KSCU 103.3 FM,
uc santa clara california's  top 50 weekly charts from 06.21.04!

*  all is calm at blue bell headquarters for now while BLUE RIBBON are working on their debut cd release.  check out the new MP3 page here and pick up a copy of the comp!

*  ed power from the IRISH TIMES NEWSPAPER reviewed the bbr compilation a few weeks ago and gave the cd five out of five stars.  good times.


*  it's official!  blue bell records is pleased to announce that we will be releasing BLUE RIBBON's debut cd in 2005!  for more information about this fun band from providence, rhode island,
please visit their web site

*  hello!  please read an awesome review of the "hear you soon : part one" cd compilation from ron schepper in
stylus magazine here!

*  stay tuned for more info on bbr's second release by one of everybody's favorite artists from the "hear you soon" compilation,
BLUE RIBBON!  more links to reviews to come!

*  have you picked up your copy of the latest
GROOVES magazine, issue 13?  if not, please do.  there is a lovely review of the "hear you soon" compilation  by daphne carr, and a nice little blue bell records add.  look at the GROOVES web site here, read the review here.  long live electromusic! 

*  look for a review of the comp in the april issue of
XLR8R magazine!  read the review here.

*  calgon, take me away!  read a review of "various artists - hear you soon :
part one" from jesse ashlock in new york's
RES magazine here!

*the compilation climbed to number 3 on
KDVS 90.3, uc davis california's
top 30 weekly charts!

*  read a review of blue bell's debut release by rachel leibrock in sunday's "ticket" in the

newspaper  here!

*  stéphane colle runs a nice web zine in france called
AUTRES DIRECTIONS and wrote a very cool & detailed review (in french) of blue bell's "hear you soon : part one" compilation.  read the review here!  i will post more reviews as i find 'em.

*  KALX was a blast!  blue bell's debut cd release "VARIOUS ARTISTS -
HEAR YOU SOON : PART ONE"  to be reviewed in the march 2004 issue of everybody's favorite electronic music magazine,
GROOVES.  fingers crossed!

*  "hear you soon : part one" is number 8 on the top 30 charts at
WNYU 89.1 FM, new york university's college radio station!

*  faith blue bell will be a guest on dj mon amie's radio show @
KALX 90.7 FM,
uc berkeley, california on monday 02.09.04 from 3-6pm!  listen live online

*  read a review of "various artists - hear you soon : part one" from
jackson griffith in the
SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW newspaper here!

*  bbr's debut cd release, "BLUE BELL RECORDS PRESENTS VARIOUS ARTISTS - HEAR YOU SOON : PART ONE"  is now available direct from blue bell and @ your local indie record shop and favorite online mail order store.

*  the compilation was listed as number 10 on
KDVS 90.3 FM, uc davis california's top 30 weekly charts!

*  hello and happy new year!  the year has started out beautifully.
read an article about blue bell records by jackson griffith in the
SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW newspaper here!

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